HIBISCUS Moscheutos-Hybr. 'Galaxy'

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HIBISCUS Moscheutos-Hybr. 'Galaxy'

Swamp Rose Mallow
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1 Portion contains 20-250 seeds depending on value and size.
Please switch to gram for larger quantities.

Plant Description

Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Malvaceae
Origin: Garden origin
Special Features: Winter hardy selection with an exceptional color display of saucer-shaped blossoms up to 25 cm in diameter. Will flower the first year if planted early enough in the year but prefers two years to fully mature. Selection from Gilberg Farms.
Historical: Selected from Gilberg Farms. Introduced by JELITTO PERENNIAL SEEDS in 2001.
Basic Colour: (mixture)
Flower Colour: pink and white with red centers, white, light pink, rose, light to dark red
Natural Flowering Period: June - October
Flowering: First year flowering
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z5 - Z9
Foliage: Variety of different leaf types reflecting the influence of its genetic lines and thus resembling H. moscheutos, H. coccineus and others.
Growth Habit: erect / vigorous
Height with Flowers: 120 cm
Spacing between Plants: 90 cm
Soil Requirements: moist
Characteristics: solitary plant
Usage: honey-bee food plant / patio plant
Portion weight: 0.6 Gram
Grams per 1000 seeds: 9.52381 Gram
Seeds per Gram
(does not correspond to the number of plants!):
Gram to get 1000 plants
(if sown directly into pots etc. you will need a larger quantity):
30 Gram
Sowing Rates/Trays: 2 - 3 per cell
Plug tray recommended size(s): 72 / 128
Sowing Direction:

(20) To obtain best germination results, seeds need temperatures of +22°C [72°F] or more. Moderate, but constant humidity is very important. Gunnera, however, prefers very moist (not wet) and warm (+24 to +30°C) [75 to 86°F] conditions.

Best Sowing Date
(northern Hemisphere, Field condition):
Germination to Transplant: 4 - 8 weeks
Transplanting to Potting: 6 - 10 weeks
Container Size(s): 1-2 plugs per 11/12 cm (4 1/2") / 2-3 plugs per 15 cm (6")
Fertilizer: High (200-250 ppm)
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