Shipping and Charges

The shipping costs are calculated by weight of the goods ordered and the destination country.

For delivery by courier to 1kg and sent by post to 2 kg, we have a fixed shipping costs. These prices are valid as of 3rd January 2017. Subject to change.

For Cash on Delivery, Express and registered mail, additional charges will apply. Any additional shipping will be displayed in the delivery option.

For some orders that are not subject to our shipping costs, we can often can give a price depending on weight and destination country. For all other orders, "will be calculated" appears in your shopping cart. We will send you in this case, a further confirmation of all costs.

Postage by post




Weight up to 500 gr

2,60 EURO

4,00 EURO

500 gr - 1 kg

2,60 EURO

7,00 EURO

1 kg - 2 kg

4,60 EURO

17,00 EURO

more than 2 kg

will be calculated

will be calculated

Postage by courier





Weight up to 1kg

8,45 EURO

19,60 EURO

45,30 EURO

more than 1 kg

will be calculated

will be calculated

will be calculated

Where is my shipment?

Shipments that were sent with regular airmail can unfortunately not be tracked. If the goods have been sent by courier or by post as express or registered mail, you have received from us or the courier service a number for the shipment and you can track the shipment on the Internet:


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*: excl. TAX, excl. shipping