Makes it possible for cold germinators to germinate uniformly within 2 - 4 weeks without cold treatment.

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Please order Gold Nugget Seed® in number of seeds only. There are no 1000 seed units prepacked! Each order is weighed individually. You are welcome to order any amount, ie. 700 seeds or 15 200 seeds. Please bear in mind our minimum quantity per item. Minimum charge per item 2 € net, price will be rounded up accordingly.

The price per 1000 seed is a fixed price for this number of seeds, while the quantity in weight may vary considerably between different seed lots. The number of seed per gram is counted for each seed lot individually. Seeds are measured according to weight and are not counted each time for every order. Therefore, the number of seed may vary and a ± difference of approx. 5% should be accepted with no compensation in any way due the technical circumstances.



Malva moschata 'Alba'
germination comparison

This range – identified by G for GOLD NUGGET SEED® as the second letter in the item number – no longer needs a period of low ­temperature to break dormancy. Depending on the variety, the seeds will germinate evenly and promptly 14 to 21 days after sowing. (Untreated seed would need two to six months).

JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED® are also particularly suitable for sowing direct into cells so that subsequent pricking out can be dispensed with. They re­­quire only about half the amount of seed that would be required with untreated seed.

The minimum germination standard of GOLD NUGGET SEED® is >75%, respectively >88% under controlled conditions. Nevertheless, in order to obtain best possible results, we do recommend a multiplication factor of 2 or 3 when calculating seed requirements (3000 seeds for 1000 plants, 2-3 seeds per plant).

You can proceed according to our Sowing Instructions No. 15 or 16. Ideal germination temperature: 22°C (72°F). After germination, the seedlings must be kept cool (+5 to 10°C)(41 to 50°F) in the months with less daylight hours, but must not be exposed to frost. At this time, it is of great benefit if the seedlings can receive at least 8 – 12 hours of light per day. This requires additional lighting in the winter months.
Uncontrolled high temperatures during the summer months can have a deleterious effect on successful germination. Some species germinate very fast without a cold treatment but need to be sown ­immediately after harvest. For example ­Primula rosea and Pulsatilla vulgaris.

JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED® is typified with 2% golden ­coloured seeds.

Please note that JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED® ”pre-treated seed“ should not be stored and should be used as soon as possible after receipt. JELITTO GOLD NUGGET ­SEED® should be kept in a cool place until it is used.

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