New Varieties 2023

  • The beautiful and versatile Bergenia cordifolia has been a gardener‘s staple in rockeries and woodland gardens for hundreds of years.
    An early spring bloomer, it is one of those plants that brightly welcomes us back into the garden after the dark days of winter. Jelitto‘s breeding team has developed a new white-flowering form that is the best in our trials, which include known cultivars such as ’Silberlicht’.

    Delightful snow-white flowers from March through May are just the beginning of the show. We have named it ’Snowtime’ because of its early pure white flowers, but the show doesn’t stop here. This Bergenia reblooms in the autumn with the same pure white flowers, unlike other white varieties that bloom pink in the warmer months.
    The glossy green leathery mouse-ear shaped foliage is perfect for fall-winter flower arrangements. This multi-tasking new Bergenia is a star!

    Bergenia ’Snowtime’ thrives with good drainage and positioned in full to part sun. More shade is needed in hot summer climates. If given what it likes, it will reward you with seasons of snow-white delight.

    ’Snowtime’ is perfect for spring and autumn garden center sales, seasonal container plantings, and will continue to support the pollinating community well into the fall.
    Standing 45 cm (18 inches) tall while flowering, these are super hardy plants with a zone range of 3-8. Hello garden centers and container gardeners! Trough gardeners and rock gardeners! Come March, it is show time! Plant up some ’Snowtime’!

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