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Vitality, longevity and a certain amount of "easy-to-grow" in the cultural management are modern demands on perennials and herbs. And that's exactly what the advantages of outdoor breeding with seedlings are.

An Echinacea 'Green Twister' or a Heliopsis 'Bleeding Hearts' in the Jelitto breed has only come into the selection if it has tolerated week-long steady rains as well as late frosts in the spring. Only excellent vitality is part of the next generation.

A perennial plant of the future must be able to tolerate temperature fluctuations, fluctuations in water supply and fertilization without causing illness or failure. In this way, continuous rain, summer heat and late frosts also selected vigorous perennials and, as a result, a unique and excellent seedstrain for the customer.

Jelitto's Cultivars / New Introduction

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