New Varieties 2012

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    Product Details CLEMATIS integrifolia  'Blue Ribbons'

    'Blue Ribbons' is an improved, low-growing seed strain with an abundance of 4.5 cm (1.75") flowers that are up to 3 times bigger than typical forms. Jelitto's 'Blue Ribbons' remains upright to 40 cm (16") and doesn't sprawl like others, though light staking or support of other perennials is still helpful where heavy summer rains or high winds prevail.

    The nodding, indigo blue flowers, shaped like little parasols, flower from May through August and are followed by decorative silvery seed heads into early winter. 'Blue Ribbons' grows wider and more beautiful every year, and is a wonderful new selection of a long-lived species that deserves wider use.

  • 'Little Mango' is an exciting color breakthrough in Jelitto's successful Lewisia series that includes the popular 'Little Plum' and 'Little Peach'.

    'Little Mango' has an abundance of spring blooms - the color of fleshy mango fruit - on short sturdy stems to 15 cm (6") with tight rosettes of leathery, lance-shaped leaves. These hybrids re-bloom in the fall (unusual for Lewisias), have proved more adaptable to cold, wet winters and are excellent candidates for container production. Jelitto's Lewisia Longipetala-Hybrids flower the first year from seed, and do not suffer from rust and leaf crown rot like other Lewisias.

    These beauties are first year flowering and available once again this year in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

    Jelitto considers hollyhocks one of the most popular, recognizable and easyto- grow perennials. The decorative fig leaf hollyhock, a hardy Siberian species, is hard to miss. The curvy leaves are very distinctive but 'Las Vegas' turns heads for a second look. The saucer-shaped parchment-like blossoms shine like the bright colorful lights of Vegas.

    And there is another payoff. This beauty is a bit shorter than most fig leaf hollyhock strains and the decorative lobed leaves climb all the way up the sturdy stems. Jelitto's 'Las Vegas' is longer lived than the typical biennial hollyhocks, and will flower the first year from seed if started early.

    Also available in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

  • Few perennials rival the elegant Globe Flower for use in evenly moist soils where summers are not unseasonably hot. 'Morning Sun' has very large bowlshaped yellow-orange blooms and is a more compact version - only half the height - of the long popular Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen'. The prominent nectary-petals are an attractive bonus. 'Morning Sun' forms thick, compact clumps with handsome dissected leaves and will flower in early summer following the creamy-yellow spring blossoms of Jelitto's Trollius 'New Moon' and the lemon yellow 'Lemon Supreme'. Trollius are beautiful cut flowers too.

    'Morning Sun', 'Lemon Supreme' and 'New Moon' are also available in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

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