New Varieties 2022

  • In 2010 we introduced the Spotlight Series – vigorous sturdy single-flowering Alceas in 4 wonderful colors: ’Mars Magic’ red, the black-purple ’Blacknight’, ’Sunshine’ yellow, and the white ’Polarstar’. In 2014 pink ’Radiant Rose’ was added to the series which has become an important component in today’s modern gardens.
    Breeding the series started in 1992 and 16 years ago we began our work to bring a blue-purple form to market. The earliest kernels of ’Purple Rain’ originated in a private garden in Romania. This form had deeply divided leaves, not matching the ideal form for our upcoming Spotlight Series, but was truly perennial.
    The best breeders have patience, lots of patience. Take one look at our new addition, ’Purple Rain’, and you will see a work of art that is long in coming.
    ’Purple Rain’ has beautiful wide green foliage on sturdy upright stems and deep blue violet single saucers. Plants grow to around 180 cm (70 inches) the same height as the rest of the seed raised Spotlight Series, and if sown early in the year, are first year flowering.
    Enjoy the vivid blue purple flowers May through October in a sunny area of the garden. Available as JET® pure seed for easy sowing.

  • With the introduction of our popular "Ornamental One" Chive Series in 2020, gardeners added beauty to their herb gardens and mixed containers in sturdy clumps from 3 single color seed strains not available before from seed. First year flowering and deliciously edible, this highly ornamental series now includes the ’Mixed One’… a nice assortment of pink, purple and white flowering plants with consistent medium sized foliage.
    Our customers figured this out and began asking for a mix of the colors and we happily obliged. It was not listed on our website as a possibility until now as so often these days the preference is for colors separately sorted.
    At 30 cm (12 in) tall in flower and hardy in zones 3-9, the humble chive is a versatile addition to any garden. These lovely chives are a candy store for bees, butterflies and other insects. Whether you love the ’Pink One’ or are looking for a drought tolerant groundcover in your white garden (the ’White One’) or want a violet flash of colour with the ’Purple One’, you have an additional choice. Now you can have them all united in one seed mix. Just ask for the ’Mixed One’. 

  • Let us delight you with our brand-new introduction of cardinal flower! Like the rare bird, ’White Cardinal’ is a unique form with brilliant pure white flowers accented by a delightful touch of reddish-pink flower tubes. Native to much of North America, the bright red common form includes names like Indian Pink, asthma weed and Indian Tobacco to reflect the many ways cardinal flower was used by Native Americans.
    This treasure of a perennial grows like its red brother (winner of an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society) preferring moist to wet soil. Its large brilliant flowers with their deeply hidden nectaries are an excellent food source for hummingbirds and butterflies.
    We are happy to offer seeds of this unusual color variant. We have taken care of the natural germination inhibition this species uses in its reproductive strategy with our GOLD NUGGET SEED® process, allowing quick uniform germination.
    Plant ’White Cardinal’ where it will thrive: along a pond edge, wet meadow, or low wooded area. An extra bonus is its suitability as a cut flower, providing an attractive color combination for floral bouquets. Get your seeds today!

  • Heavenly, perfectly describes the clear blue color of Jelitto Perennial seeds newly bred seed strain of Lathyrus vernus. Blooming in early spring… just in time to welcome gardeners back to the ­garden… ’Heavenly Blues’ is a long-lived member of the Papilionaceae family of leguminous plants whose flowers have butterfly shaped corollas and attract masses of butterflies and bees, providing a valuable source of nectar early in the year. Lathyrus ’Heavenly Blues’ grows quickly to form nice clumps in an open woodland garden or rockery and thrives best in cooler summer climates. Heavenly azure-blue flowers present a unique color rarely found among this hardy sweet pea group which normally flowers in red-violet shades. Lathyrus vernus grows best in well-drained woodland soils and valuably complements other early blooming perennials like Trillium, Helleborus, Doronicum and Dicentra, with its gently textured foliage.
    We are very happy to offer this heavenly blue seed strain of perennial sweet pea Lathyrus vernus ’Heavenly Blues’ as a companion to the softly pink strain ’Rosenelfe’. Or if you’d like to sample the candy store, the mixed colour strain ’Rainbow’ is for you.

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