New Varieties 1999

  • The purple mullein has handsome, dark green, crinkled, oval-shaped, basal leaves. Rising above the flat rosettes are six to ten unbranched flowering spikes which hold dozens of rounded paper-like blossoms.

    'Violetta' is a reliable purple flowering seed strain from Jelitto with abundant flowers, even reblooming after dead heading. A plant for great vertical effect and ideally suited for smaller gardens with well-drained soils. 'Violetta' is easy-to-grow from seed and will self-sow freely around the garden in a manner similar to foxgloves. Plant together with Tanacetum 'Jackpot', Pennisetum alopecuroides and Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'. 90 cm (36"), May-July.

  • This exciting new border plant has exquisite silver, feathery foliage and hundreds of small, white daisies with yellow centers. This combination will allow mixed perennial plantings of any flower color!

    This compact plant prefers full sun but will tolerate afternoon shade in warmer, humid conditions where nightime temperatures remain hot. 'Jackpot' is certain to be a winner in perennial borders. Plant together with Knautia macedonica, Verbascum 'Violetta' and Salvia lyrata 'Purple Knockout'. 50 cm (20"), June-September.

  • It has been suggested, through folklore, that the common name of this species, Jacobs's Ladder, came about because the pinnate leaves with oval to oblong leaflets, were said to resemble the ladder of which Jacob dreamed. And Jelitto's 'Heavenly Habit' ascends new heights with this seed strain.

    Growing upright and very compactly, the leaves are glossier than the species and the erect panicles hold larger blue flowers, each with a yellow halo and white eye. Heavenly, indeed! Reblooms after dead heading. Plant together with Platycodon 'Hakone White', Veronica longifolia 'Pink Shades' and Tanacetum 'Jackpot'. 30 cm (12"), June-August.

  • The lyre-leaved sage, native to Eastern North America, can be found ordinarily in its green-leaved form. 'Purple Knockout', on the other hand, with its showy reddish-purple leaves forming a flat rosette, will knock you out.

    The lavender blue to blue-purple, tubular-shaped flowers, in whorled spikes, are attractive alone. But 'Purple Knockout' has beautiful, basal leaves which are reddish-purple colored, similar to the leaf color of Heuchera 'Palace Purple Select'. The oblong-shaped foliage, which is clefted with round edges, remains colorful all season, even through the hottest summers. Well-suited for use as a groundcover in sun to partial shade, and it is tolerant of poor soils. The leaves were once used externally as a folk cure for cancer. Plant together with Achillea 'Love Parade', Euphorbia polychroma and Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila 'Selection'. 40 cm (15"), May-July.

  • This lovely selection was made from a newly introduced botanical variety from the Kamtschatka peninsula in Eastern Russia. 'Love Parade', developed on the trial fields at Jelitto, has impressed the staff with its remarkable beauty and durability. The flat-topped flowering heads consist of clusters of dozens of large soft pink blossoms with pale yellow stamens.

    The very unique, leathery, bright green cut-leaf foliage is comparable to no others in the genus. 'Love Parade' makes an excellent border perennial and cut flower. Plant together with Eryngium 'Blaukappe', Pardancanda 'Dazzler' and Polemonium 'Heavely Habit'. 50 cm (20"), May-September.

  • This versatile, low-growing, evergreen Sedum is now available from Jelitto in a dark pink flowering seed strain. Vigorous, persistent and drought tolerant, the mat-forming 'Summer Glory' has evenly green leaves with scalloped edges and is adapted to sun or partial shade. Starry pink blossoms.

    It is ideal for the rock garden or the front of the border. Capable of forming a dense groundcover in poor soils. It is also perfectly suited for planting in crevices or simply used as a carpet for flowering bulbs. Plant together with Liatris 'Kobold', Echium russicum and Penstemon smallii. 15 cm (6"), July-September.

  • Art.No.: AA501

    It is surprising that this hardy, and spectacular, New Zealand species has not made it into our catalog until now. But like the introduction of Angelica gigas, only a few years ago, we expect that Angelica pachycarpa will soon find itself at home in gardens all over the Northern Hemisphere.

    The thick, dark, glossy green leaves (30 cm/12" long) consist of three, roughly identical, leaf parts attached to a single stem. The arching leaf stalks look a bit like large, plastic oak leaves. The stout flowering stems produce fattened, thumb-sized buds which open to gorgeous heads of white flowers. Plant together with Echinops 'Arctic Glow', Asclepias 'Iceballet' and Verbascum 'Violetta'. 100 cm (40"), June-September.

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