New Varieties 2015

  • Lewisia ’Little Raspberry’ is the latest in the colorful line of the popular and durable Lewisia Longipetala-Hyb series. Previously, Jelitto introduced ’Little Plum’, ’Little Peach’, ’Little Mango’ and the ’Little Tutti Frutti’ mix and all proved better adapted to withstanding cold, wet winters.

    ’Little Raspberry’, like all of Jelitto’s fruit-inspired Lewisias, is an excellent choice for containers or the rock garden with colorful raspberry-red blooms from May through mid-June, and again in September.

    All flower on short sturdy stems to 15 cm (6”) with tight rosettes of leathery, lance-shaped leaves.

  • Mats of glossy, gentian-like leaves are a hint to the species name of a lovely mountain meadow perennial.

    Jelitto’s breeding shares this notable characteristic of glossy green foliage but the leaves are smaller and more lanceolate. Veronica gentianoides ’Little Blues’ is a more compact, alpine-type form in every way. The erect terminal flower clusters grow much shorter (15 cm/6”), and have dozens of early summer, pale blue blooms, each one distinguished by darker blue veins.

    The common species will overwhelm a small container. The tighter habit of ’Little Blues’ is a terrific improvement for container production.

  • Carex plantaginea is one of the great woodland sedges of Eastern North America. The plantain-leaf sedge is a cold hardy, evergreen species, adapted to evenly moist to gently dry soils in partially shaded gardens around the world.

    Jelitto’s handsome and trouble-free ’Blue Ridge’ is more floriferous and has broader pleated leaves (more than 3 cm/ 1 1/8” wide). Each leaf has a prominent mid-rib. The beautiful glossy foliage resembles an emerald green seersucker suit.

    Another valuable feature of ’Blue Ridge’ is the strength of its root crowns. These tight rosettes endure winters without falling apart and look tidy all season.

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