Questions on searching

What can I enter in the search text?

You can enter our item no. (eg AA001 or AA 001), the common name (eg Borage), or parts of the botanical name.

To the botanical name belong: the genus (eg Achillea), the species (eg vulgaris), the series (eg Millennium-Series), the variety (eg Magnus), the synonyms (old genus or species names) and the marketing name (eg Splish-Splash).

If you enter part of a term, eg hybrid, you get a list of all items that include the word hybrid in the name. The fewer letters you enter, the bigger and more unmanageable is your result.

How can I get a more precise search result?

If you enter a family name ie. "Delphinium" a long list of different varieties will appear. If you are looking for a specific plant, simply enter further details of the botanical name, e.g. "cloud".

Remember to place a space inbetween the search criteria! Your result will now be Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Serie 'Summer Cloud'.

You can narrow down your search even further by using two words in inverted commas, e.g. "White Lady". In this case "White spotted Lady" will not appear.

How do I put together my list of special plants?

In the advanced search (left column), you have the opportunity to choose plants according to their properties. There are a total of 12 criteria for selection, which can be combined as desired, eg basic flower color blue, fast germinator, sunny location and low growth. Also, multiple selections are possible in one category, eg tea herb + culinary herb.

In the criteria Location, Usage, Characteristics, Growth Habit and Soil Requirement some articles are not complete yet. If you miss a plant in the search result, please let us know and find the right plant for the time being using the regular text search.

Can I save my search results?

Yes, both the results of text search as well as the advanced search can be saved. Use your browser bookmarks function. If you give the bookmark a name related to your search criteria, eg pink + partial shade or "Digitalis purpurea", you can refer back to the result at any time.

Why can I only print the first part of my search results?

The print function of your browser will print only what is visible on the screen. We have "Products per page: 30" by default - if your search finds more than thirty articles, there are more pages. You can tell that at the bottom of the screen on the grey bar that shows a series of numbers and "NEXT".

Please go to the top grey bar that contains the settings and change "Products per page" to 50 or 100. It will be printed all the articles that you can see on the screen, the printer will now print as many pages as are needed for these articles.

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