Storage and Sowing of GOLD NUGGET SEED®

Storage: Pre-treated seed should not be stored for long periods but should be sown as soon as possible after receipt. Until they are used the seeds should be kept in a cool place.
Sowing: GOLD NUGGET SEED® no longer need a period of low temperature to break dormancy. Do not cover the seeds, but tightly press into the earth. Light advances germination. Keep seed in constant moisture (not wet) with temperatures of about +20°C (68°F). After germination the seedlings must be kept cool (+5°C to +10°C)(41°F to 50°F) in the months with short day length, but must not be exposed to frost. At this time, it is of great benefit if the seedlings can receive at least 12 hours of light per day. This requires additional lighting in the winter months.

GOLD NUGGET SEED®- the answer is obvious for a growing number of perennial producers.


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