Bight full shade

The description “bright full shade” refers to habitats that are mostly open to the sky but where the plants do not grow in direct sunlight, such as in very bright, spacious courtyards, or within the canopy of very tall trees. Such locations are usually bright enough to allow sun-loving shrubs and trees to thrive.

Light shade

Light shade describes areas of dappled sunlight and short periods of shade. A light shade situation can often be observed under the bright canopy of birch or willow trees. Hedges of bamboo or plant covered pergolas also create this pattern of scattered light. Plants that thrive under these conditions usually also grow well in semi-shade.


Semi-shade is found in areas that, through the course of the day, are shaded by walls, hedges or trees with a dense crown. Flower beds in semi-shade are sunny for up to four hours but are otherwise shady. The ideal plants for these conditions can tolerate short periods of dry soil and full sun. Plants that thrive in semi-shade prefer morning sun rather than the afternoon sun, since the higher air humidity helps to prevent scorching.

By the way

You really can’t go wrong with more sunlight as long as the soil is sufficiently moist. Even large-leaved perennials grow in the sun if the roots can transport enough moisture to cool the leaves. However, if the soil is too dry, the leaves will scorch very quickly.

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