J. Hitchmough Design Mix A: Steppe Prairie

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J. Hitchmough Design Mix A: Steppe Prairie

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Plant Description

Special Features: Amount needed: 1g/m². This sowing mix is the result of research carried out in the Dep. of Landscape, University of Sheffield, and has been created by Professor James Hitchmough. The mix has been designed to produce a very colourful, perennial plant community of 26 species, that will flower from late spring to autumn. As well as being very attractive to people, it is also very attractive to a wide range of native invertebrates, seed and insect eating birds, small mammals and frogs and toads.
Historical: An example of what such a steppe landscape might look like was created by the Royal Horticultural Society Garden in Wisley (UK) as a former part of the plant west of the central glasshouse (see photos). The mix is intended for use in urban public parks and large gardens, in designed landscapes.
Basic Colour: (mixture)
Portion weight: 0.3 Gram
Grams per 1000 seeds: 5.88235 Gram
Seeds per Gram
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