DELPHINIUM Elatum F1-Hybr. New Millennium Series 'Morning Lights'

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DELPHINIUM Elatum F1-Hybr. New Millennium Series 'Morning Lights'

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Quantitative Restriction

One Portion is usually sufficient for approx. 50 plants.
Please switch to gram for larger quantities.

Plant Description

Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Ranunculaceae
Origin: Hybrid Origin
Special Features: Magnificently semi double blossoms, stable and strong flower stalks, vigorous growth, very good winter hardy, tolerates warmer and humid climates, approx. 350 seeds = 1g. Worthy candidate for cut flower production.
Historical: Introduced by JELITTO PERENNIAL SEEDS in 2006. The generic name derivation originates from the Greek, Delphis, for dolphin, since the individual flowers resemble a dolphin's nose.
Basic Colour: (blue)
Flower Colour: blue-mauve with white bee
Natural Flowering Period: June - September
Flowering: First year flowering
Flower: semi-double
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z3 - Z8
Foliage: palmate shaped
Growth Habit: erect / sturdy
Height with Flowers: 120 - 160 cm
Spacing between Plants: 80 cm
Soil Requirements: well-drained / average / humus rich, fertile
Usage: suitable for cutting / flowering pot plant
Grams per 1000 seeds: 2.5 Gram
Seeds per Gram
(does not correspond to the number of plants!):
Gram to get 1000 plants
(if sown directly into pots etc. you will need a larger quantity):
5 Gram
Sowing Rates/Trays: 2 per cell
Plug tray recommended size(s): 72 / 128 / 288
Sowing Direction:

(20) To obtain best germination results, seeds need temperatures of +22°C [72°F] or more. Moderate, but constant humidity is very important. Gunnera, however, prefers very moist (not wet) and warm (+24 to +30°C) [75 to 86°F] conditions.

Best Sowing Date
(northern Hemisphere, Field condition):
Sowing Time Hint: Sow anytime but does prefer warmer temperatures of 22°C (72°F) or warmer
Sowing to Germination: 2 - 3 weeks
Germination to Transplant: 4 - 6 weeks
Transplanting to Potting: 6 - 8 weeks
Container Size(s): 1-2 plugs per 11/12 cm (4 1/2") / 2-3 plugs per 15 cm (6")
Vernalization: A 5-6 weeek vernalization in 72 size plug trays, or in finished pots, at 32° - 41°F (0° - 5°C) may hasten the blooming by 1-2 weeks and improve the consistency. Further trials are recommended.
Forcing: Following vernalization, raise daytime temperatures to 60° - 65°F (15° - 17°C). Flowers should appear in 10-14 weeks.
Fertilizer: High (200-250 ppm)
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