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Yellow Gentian, Bitterwort
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Plant Description

Article Type: (GOLD NUGGET SEED ®)
Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Gentianaceae
Origin: Mountains of Central and Southern Europe: meadows, stony habitats.
Special Features: Highly decorative and durable. Forms a strong taproot. Up to ten whorled flowers in the leaf axils. Also, the foliage has a decorative effect with large, strong leaves. GENTIANA lutea is best on lime, but also tolerates pH values below 6.0.
Historical: Genus is named in honor of King Gentius of Illyria for allegedly discovering the medicinal uses for the roots of Gentian lutea from which tonic bitters are still made.
Basic Colour: (yellow / gold)
Flower Colour: pure yellow
Natural Flowering Period: June - August
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z3 - Z7
Foliage: basal rosette of leaves, ovate to elliptic, 5-7 strong veins, upper leaves sessile, strong green
Growth Habit: erect / clumping
Height with Flowers: 100 cm
Spacing between Plants: 40 cm
Soil Requirements: lime-loving, calcareous / well-drained / average
Characteristics: medicinal plant / beneficial plant / culinary herb
Usage: suitable for cutting
Grams per 1000 seeds: 1.03093 Gram
Seeds per Gram
(does not correspond to the number of plants!):
Plug tray recommended size(s): 72
Sowing Direction:

(15) Rapidly germinating, keep seed in constant moisture (not wet) with temperatures of about +20°C [68°F]. Seeds must be covered thinly. Do not cover very small seeds, but tightly press into the earth. Keep in cooler conditions after germination occurs.

Best Sowing Date
(northern Hemisphere, Field condition):
Sowing to Germination: 3 - 4 weeks
Container Size(s): 1-2 plugs per 11/12 cm (4 1/2")
Fertilizer: Light (100-150 ppm)
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