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RHS Pests & Diseases; P. Greenwood/A. Halstead

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Pippa Greenwood, Andrew Halstead
Dorling Kindersley, ISBN 1405300647
(2003) 224 pages, over 300 photographs, Hardcover
2Rev Ed edition

The unrivalled practical handbook for the identification, treatment and prevention of plant problems

Many common garden problems can be controlled by good gardening practice and simple preventative measures. RHS Pests & Diseases provides authoritative advice on chemical-free solutions wherever appropriate and identifies valuable insects and pest predators to be welcomed into the garden.

More than 300 close-up colour photographs show symptoms and causes in detail, for prompt and precise recognition of problems A-Z of Pests, diseases and disorders, describing symptoms and suggesting treatments A-Z plant-by-Plant listings, covers the ailments that individual plants suffer from and the common problems of different plant types. This revised and updated handbook is the standard work for all gardeners looking for answers to common plant problems.

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