Perennial Ground Covers; David S. MacKenzie Gram

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Perennial Ground Covers; David S. MacKenzie

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David S. MacKenzie
Timber Press, ISBN 0-88192-557-8
(1997) 452 pages, 315 color photographs, 1 map

This encyclopedic treatment of ground covers opened gardeners' eyes to the unexpected alternatives to the conventional lawn or the common ivies and pachysandras. David MacKenzie's nursery, Hortech, specializes in ground covers, including native plants, ferns, ornamental grasses, and variegated plants. A detailed chart aids in the selection of the most suitable plants for various situations, leading to practical yet imaginative plantings for even awkward and difficult sites. Complete information on planting, maintenance, and propagation will lead to rugged, trouble-free ground covers that add to a garden's beauty while minimizing the gardener's work.

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