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New Varieties 1992

  • An impressive ornamental solitaire grass which forms approx. 100 - 150 cm high clumps. From July onwards the flower stems emerge up to 2,5 - 3 m from the centre with very decorative approx. 50 cm long, one-sided spikes. After ripeness, the spikes remain on the stems for almost the whole winter. Winter hardiness is similar to that of Cortaderia.

  • 'Red Hobbit' is a low, very compact version of the long familiar and popular crimson star. 'Red Hobbit' only grows to a height of approx. 35 cm and flowers abundantly from May to July in blazing red with a white corolla. An excellent bedding plant.

  • 'Heidi' flowers with a modern, attractive pink colour. 'Heidi' has long, wiry stems for cutting, is approx. 70 cm high and flowers abundantly from May to July.

  • Compared to the species, the 'Iceballet' flowers stay on the plant and in the vase for a longer period, and the stems for cutting are longer. This pure white new breeding is also suitable for cultivating in greenhouses. It flowers outdoors from June to August.

  • 'Apricot' brings a fully new dash of colour into the foxglove assortment. This yellow-pinkish, in fact apricot, pastel colour enhances perennial beds from May to August.

  • Deriving from the sterile cultivar 'Blauer Zwerg' (Blue Dwarf) this variety, with its intensely blue blossoms and wiry stems grows with its 60 - 70 cm a little higher and can be propagated generatively. Planted in a sunny area this variety will flower rich from June to September.

  • An excellent bedding plant as it is decorative prior to flowering in June to July through its dark foliage. This orange-crimson flowering dwarf with large single flowers only grows to about 20 cm.
  • Art.No.: INAPA266

    This lime-loving caryophyllaceae forms only 10 cm high, loose cushions of bluish-green foliage. A multitude of purple-pink flowers appears from June to August. Flowering will however continue from September onwards until the first frost.

    The Petrocoptis loves a sunny or semi-sunny and dry location most of all if there is soil interspersed with limestones. A dry location should be ensured for the winter.

  • This very beautiful species of approx. 40 cm in height flowers abundantly from May to August. The panicles form numerous yellowish buds which become crimson pink on opening. A long flowering perennial for groups.

  • Art.No.: SA052

    Unfortunately, a far too little known and respected yet very precious Salvia. It grows to 25 - 30 cm and is of shrub-like, compact growth. Finely feathered, grey-green foliage indicates its preference for dry spots. This species is absolutely undemanding and flowers from may to September in light violet, pink and white.

  • Art.No.: INAZA379

    Another very interesting ornamental solitaire grass which deserves notice. Prefers a more moist spot or at least priximity to water. The inflorescences of about 2,5 m appearing from July onwards are formed by several one-sided, dense spikes gracefully protruding from the central culm.
  • Art.No.: ZA400

    This 'giant feather grass' is a further ornamental solitaire grass from our assortment which also provides an unforgettable eye-catcher when it is correctly placed. The selection we supply has survived many winters in northern Germany. Nevertheless, we recommend to plant on a somewhat dry place with some winter protection. The giant feather grass forms large, dense clumps with wiry culms approx. 60 - 80 cm in height. The numerous flowering culms appearing in July grow up to a height of 3 m, become a golden colour in late summer and provide a decorative sight well into October.

  • A very well coloured pink veronica longifolia of approx. 80 cm in height flowering abundantly and for a long time and is excellent suited to cutting. This variety also has no particular pretension to soil and flowers from June to August.

  • This novelty we introduced a few years ago has nested itself a permanent place in our assortment. The healthy, firm foliage forms a perfectly closed, only 5 cm high carpet from which the brilliant blue flower spikes tower up to approx. 15 cm from June to August. An excellent ground cover for sunny and semi-sunny spots which is easily satisfied as far as the soil is concerned.

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